There is a new theory going around that young people should live alone for a while before they get to start their own family. Why? Self-Discovery, Independence, Clarity etc. Well, it’s not like you can’t get all this at home with parents but it’s a different feel. But, is living alone actually worth it?


  1. Save and keep saving. Money will make you less depressed.
  2. Find an apartment central to your daily activities. So, you don’t have to search for a new place every year.
  3. Avoid buying on impulse. Sincerely, you don’t need some things.
  4. If you need it but can’t afford it, you can either save or buy fairly used electronics. From credible dealers. This is a life hack. Be wary of buying stolen goods though before they track somebody’s fridge to your house.
  5. You really should consider getting a flatmate/roommate. Leaving alone isn’t so much fun especially if you are an extrovert.
  6. Get ready to budget your way through things.
  7. If you can, get a roomate/flatmate. It saves money and gives you company.

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